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Set In Stone originally started out as a vertical slice, being made by a group of students in Uppsala University's Game Design program. Though official production for this vertical slice began in April 2021, Set in Stone was originally conceptualized in late-July 2020.

Set In Stone is a single-player 2.5D side-scrolling platformer where you play as an axolotl, Niyo. As Niyo you will use various equipment to attack, hookshot, and shield your way through a mysterious temple dungeon!

No matter if you're an experienced video game player looking for a new challenge, or a casual platformer gamer who is looking to have fun, Set in Stone will be the game for you! If you also like metroidvanias, axolotls, and/or games with fast-paced movement, then what are you waiting for? Go ahead and press play!

**NOTE!** When starting the game on this page, the window will be black for around 10-30 seconds. Don't worry, the game is just loading! Also, please refer to this list of known bugs that you might find in the game. 

After playing, if you want to give feedback or found any bugs, either leave a comment below or anonymously fill out this feedback form. Thank you!

Set In Stone should take you around 10-15 minutes to play on your computer or laptop. You can play either in the browser on this page, or you can download the ZIP of the external Unity build below and run it on your PC. If you use a ZIP program then simply right click on the file and select "Extract Here". Though the build should work on any OS (Windows, Mac, Linux), the game developers have only played it on Windows, so there may be discrepancies across different OS.

Alex Andersson
Level Designer
Casper Gustavsson
Gabriel Senekovič
Product Owner
UI & VFX Graphics
Johannes Larsson
3D Environmental Artist
Level Designer
Mattis Lindqvist
3D Artist
Nicolas Hammar
Scrum Master
Audio Designer
Level Designer
Sophia Al-Nawasreh
Web Designer
Tom Idril
3D Artist
2D Artist

Unity 2020.1.0f1Visual Studio CodeMaya LT
ZBrushQuixel MixerAdobe Photoshop
Clip Studio PaintPaint.netSubstance Painter
FL StudioAudacity

Install instructions

Download the ZIP file and simply extract it. There will be 1 folder named "Set In Stone", in it you will see a README text file and an application called "Set In Stone." This application is the game! Please look at the README file first before playing the game.


Set In 127 MB


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Is the End of the Game the Dungeon Clear screen btw? Is there more to come or am I just stuck? xD

Also, is it intended that you can "float" movement by using a combination of attacks, hooks and jumps through jump resets through hooks and never touch ground after you have all the abilities introduced, cause that felt... Odd? 

Otherwise, the theme is kinda nice, Don't see why an Axolotl would be... THAT agile to be able to float about. The Little combat elements that were there didn't really interest me and I just tanked and used the damage from the slides as jump resets to get up and down through those. 

Yep, the Dungeon Clear screen is the end of game (for now ;D) The gameplay for this is meant to be 10-15 minutes as it's just a vertical slice :)

When originally testing the first iterations of the game we didn't have the hookshot reset your jumps, but we heard a lot of feedback about how fun the hookshot is, so we decided to change it to be this way. Though we'll have some internal discussions about it, because some of the designers disagree with how powerful the hookshot seems to be. 

Thank you for the rest of the feedback, and thanks so much for playing our game!


Awesome concept, I love the music, the art, everything!

Thank you Jasper! :D